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We accept all major credit cards through Stripe and Square. If you prefer to pay via another method then feel free to contact us. This is especially helpful if you are paying for multiple accounts in the case of an office or company purchase.

The Talking Vcard service costs $99 USD for lifetime ownership of a digital business card. There are no recurring monthly nor annual subscriptions.

With Talking Vcard, you have the option to create your own digital card using our user-friendly do-it-yourself constructor. However, if you prefer, you can also hire our team to build it for you.

Yes, we provide tool tip videos for each section/tab inside the constructor. These videos will assist you in navigating and utilizing the various features effectively.

We offer a 7-day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with our service within the first 7 days of purchase, you can request a refund.

No, we do not offer a free trial of the Talking Vcard service. When we initially launched the 1st generation of Talking Vcard we sold hundreds of annual subscription accounts with upfront payment and we had zero refund requests. That is a great record and we believe this is because of the superior product we offer. Therefore, when we went to a lifetime ownership with the 2nd generation Talking Vcard, and cancelled ALL annual subscriptions, we believed a free trial wasn't warrented. However, we provide a 7-day refund period, allowing you to try the service and receive a refund if it doesn't meet your expectations. However, I must warn you, Talking Vcard is addictive and we believe you'll LOVE it.

Yes, we offer NFC cards as an accompanying physical product. These cards are made of high-quality metal, not plastic, paper or bamboo. We believe our Talking Vcard service is high class and high quality. We want to reflect this same value when offering NFC cards. The cost of the NFC cards varies and can range from $49 to $69 depending on the cost of supplies.

The cost of design and custom work depends on the specific requirements. It starts at $100 for banners and can increase based on the complexity of the customization.

Video production starts at $200 and can increase based on the complexity and length of the video.

The cost of a complete Talking Vcard, including design, custom work, and video production, can range from $400 to $900, depending on the specific features and customization options you choose. A free consultation would be required to assess your need.

Yes, we offer a business analysis and branding review to help customers align their card with their business branding. This service aims to provide guidance and ensure the card effectively represents their business.

No, we offer free consultation to all our customers. We are available to discuss your requirements, answer questions, and provide guidance on using Talking Vcard effectively.

No, Talking Vcard does not have an affiliate program, and we are not involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) activities.

Yes, we offer customers the opportunity to earn their purchase back by referring three new customers to Talking Vcard. Once they have successfully referred three customers, their own purchase becomes free. Customers can continue to refer and earn more money by promoting Talking Vcard to others. We also offer Authorized Seller licenses to business-savvy individuals who wish to sell our service. This is explained by clicking here.

Each account comes with the ability to create one Talking Vcard. If you require additional cards, for different businesses, projects, or personal use, we can easily add them to your account at no additional cost. Please be aware that these additional cards are linked to your account login email address. Therefore, they cannot be sold or shared with others.

Yes, you can easily update and edit your digital card at any time. Whether you want to change the content, update contact information, or modify the design, Talking Vcard provides you with the flexibility to make edits and keep your card up to date.

The recording studio is our own, in-house built video recorder. It is specifically designed to allow our customers to create greeting videos that are positioned near the top of the Talking Vcard, just below a customer's profile picture.

We encourage customers to record a greeting video because it allows for an instant connection with potential clients viewing your Talking Vcard. You can't do this with a paper card. Remember, it's a greeting video so you only need to introduce yourself, explain your unique skill-set and the problem(s) you solve. Let the rest of your Talking Vcard do the selling for you. The video is saved on our servers and we host it for you. If you already have a video on YouTube or Vimeo that you want to use, instead of recording one, then you can easily add the direct URL to the video to your Talking Vcard.

Near the bottom of your Talking Vcard is a "Share My Card" section. There are several options there that can be explored and executed by clicking on their specific icons.

The QR Code's icon is located at the bottom of your Talking Vcard in the "Share My Card" section. Clicking on it will open and display your card's QR Code. Any mobile device, with QR Code reading capabilities, or with a QR Code reader app installed, can scan your QR Code allowing your Talking Vcard to appear on their mobile device.

Yes, you can screen capture your QR Code and use it in print media. If you prefer a different quality image and are not sure how to get it then just contact us and we will provide you with a high resolution QR Code image for printing.

Yes. We do offer a SaaS (Software as a Service) for companies and large teams. Most of the Talking Vcard is designed after a consultation with company decision makers so it meets with company expectations and approval. There is a design and setup fee to make it all happen. Associates of the company get a special URL from where they will pay and register for their Talking Vcard. Their cards will be prebuilt and they simply add their person information, like phone, name, email, social media links and greeting video. Please contact us for a free consultation.