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Is an Agent License Right for You?

The Authorized Agent License is a $1,000 annual cost. You earn 75% from all sales made by you and/or your team (see below) and 25% royalties are paid to us. It will take 15 direct sales to put you in profit. Direct sales are sales you make yourself and not sales made by optional team members. Credit card transaction fees are deducted from your 75% earnings.

Sales Website

We provide you with a sales website as well as an agent invite page if you wish to invite other agents. You earn $300 (recurring) for referrals. We also provide you with a back office admin account to track sales and affiliate efforts.

Your Team

You have the option of creating a Sales Team: We call them Affiliates. You can manage and track sales made by your team members. You pay them from your share of the sale whatever you choose to offer them.

Understanding Roles

Your responsibility is to make sales and pay commissions to team members if you use a team. Our responsibility is to support you, your affiliates, and Talking Vcard customers. You do sales. We do support.

Unlimited Vcards

Your purchase includes unlimited Talking Vcards for personal use. They cannot be sold and they cannot be shared. We load your account with 25 cards but you can request more at no cost.

Clone and Transfer

As an Agent you will have access to a "clone and transfer" feature not available to customers. We will teach you how to use this feature to create samples as part of your marketing plan.

Webinars and Training

We hold regular webinars that Agents are encouraged to attend as often as they can, or to watch the replays. While we cannot enforce attendance Agents who do participate tend to be more successful.

How The Process Works!

Make Inquiry

You will have to submit an inquiry to begin the process. If you've already talked to an Agent then coordinate with them for step 2, otherwise use the contact form below to inform us about your interest.


Following your initial inquiry a meeting will be setup for you to meet with our CEO and Founder, Rodney Brace. This is necessary to determine if an Agency License is right for you and a good fit for all parties.

Review Contract

If the meeting, from Step 2, determines you could be a good candidate for a license then a contract will be sent to you for review and signing. This contract will also be signed by our CEO, Rodney Brace.

Pay and Get Setup

If you make it through Step 3, congratulations. Next you will be given a link where you will pay the $1,000 Agent fee. Following payment we will get you setup within 24 hours as an Authorized Agent.

Become an Authorized Agent

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