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Talking Vcard has REBRANDED

Our rebranded service, uBrand Hub, puts your brand at the forefront. Formerly known as Talking Vcard, uBrand Hub is more than just a digital business card solution – it's a platform designed to empower you to promote your brand effectively and authentically.

Discover how uBrand Hub can elevate your online presence and help you stand out in today's competitive landscape. Explore our new features and offerings today!

A Talking Vcard Authorized Agent A Talking Vcard Authorized Agent

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Some Benefits of Talking Vcard!

Revolutionize Your Networking Game: Discover Some Advantages of Going Digital.

A Talking Vcard Customization


Add your latest information ensuring that recipients always have access to the most accurate details about your business.

Environmental friendly business card

Environmentally friendly

Eliminate the need for printed cards; a digital card helps reduce paper waste and promotes a sustainable business approach.

Interactive digital business cards

Interactive content

Include videos, links to websites, or social media profiles, creating a more engaging and memorable experience for recipients.

Easily accessible

Easy accessibility

Share via email, social media, or messaging apps, ensuring instant access to your contact information anytime, anywhere.

Digital Card Benefits

Tailored Solutions for a

Captivating Digital Business Card Experience

  • Animated Banner Graphics

    Engage visitors with eye-catching animated banners showcasing your brand's personality for a memorable user experience.

  • Custom Videos

    Showcase products/services through professionally produced videos as well as testimonial videos to build trust and credibility.

  • Customized Immersive Digital Experience

    Create a visually stunning and intuitive digital experience. Include tailored layouts, color schemes, and typography to align with your brand.

  • Complete Brand Assessment

    Receive expert recommendations to enhance your digital presence and identify areas for optimization and brand alignment.

Digital Business Card
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Empowering Business Digitally

The examples below are real customers with whom we consulted to either offer
expert advice or to build a digital business card/business experience for them.

Real Case Studies

Don't take our word for it. Listen to the satisfaction of very
satisfied clients. You could be our next success case study.

A Talking Vcard Case Study

Red Carpet Ready!

There's only a few seconds to get your information to the people who need it.

See my Talking Vcard here.
A Talking Vcard Case Study

2 Companies Working as 1

I needed a digital solution to showcase my two companies on one card.

See my Talking Vcard here.
A Talking Vcard Case Study

Charles Rutenberg Realty

The free consultation helped to improve my card's overall digital experience.

See my Talking Vcard here.

How it works - 3 easy steps

Twenty-four hour access lets you edit your Talking Vcard as often as you want.
If you switch jobs or careers there's no need to order more cards, simply edit your Talking Vcard.

  • Create Your Account

    Own it for life.

    Choose a username, assign a password and you're on your way to creating you Talking Vcard that you can take anywhere.


    Digital Business Card signup
  • Build Your Card

    So easy, a child can do it.

    With our tool tip videos to guide you for each menu item, we're confident you'll have a Talking Vcard created in no time at all.


    Building a digital card
  • Share Your Card

    Sharing has never been easier

    Unlike paper, where you have to hand someone your card, with Talking Vcard sharing is done digitally in multiple ways.


    Share your digital card
QR Code Reader
QR Code reader for digital business cards

QR Codes: The Game-Changing Force Behind Next-Level Digital Cards

QR Codes are an essential and convenient feature of our platform, automatically generated for each digital card created. What sets our platform apart is that even if you change the name of your Talking Vcard, the QR code seamlessly changes along with it. This eliminates the need for manual updates and ensures that your QR code always reflects the most up-to-date information.

Accessing a Talking Vcard is incredibly simple with our QR code feature. By clicking on the QR code button at the bottom of the card, the QR code instantly appears, ready to be scanned by anyone with a mobile device. With a quick scan using a smartphone's camera or a dedicated QR code scanning app, the customer's Talking Vcard is effortlessly displayed on the recipient's device. This streamlined process enhances engagement and allows recipients to easily save and refer to the information whenever needed.

Harnessing the power of QR Codes for digital business cards revolutionizes networking and information exchange. With a simple scan, professionals can instantly connect and leave a lasting impact on clients, partners, and prospects in the digital realm of business interactions.

nfc cards
NFC card

Unleashing the Potential of NFC Cards: Near-Field Communication at Your Fingertips

Harness the Power of NFC: With digital Talking Vcards equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, simply tap your card on compatible devices to instantly exchange contact information, making networking seamless and efficient. NFC-enabled cards provide a futuristic and convenient way to connect, ensuring that your professional details are effortlessly shared with a single touch.

Elevate Your Brand with Metal NFC Cards: (Sold separately - see FAQ's below) We pride ourselves on offering the highest standards for our digital business card, and that commitment extends to our NFC cards. With durable metal construction, using NTAG215 chips, our NFC cards deliver unparalleled durability, quality, and longevity - more so than paper, plastic, bamboo, or any other material. Make a lasting impression and showcase your attention to detail, including laser engraved logo, with our premium metal NFC cards, reflecting the same level of excellence as our digital business card.

NFC Card Samples

The Perfect Accompaniment For Your Talking Vcard. Superior Metal Quality and Longevity.
Your logo and name lasered onto the front of the card and the QR Code lasered on the back of the card.
NFC cards can be purchased seperately after the purchase of Talking Vcard.

Pricing Plan

Talking Vcard is undergoing a REBRAND. The new service can be seen by clicking here!

Buy a Talking Vcard

Executive Plan

You Deserve the Best!
$00 USD
  • No waiting - You build it.

  • Unlimited changes.

  • No website required.

  • Unique Link (URL).

  • Record/Add a greeting video.

  • Social Media Integration.

  • List Your Services.

  • Calendar/Appointments.

  • Written/Video Testimonials.

  • Product Picture/Video Galleries.

  • QR Code Generator.

  • Live Chat Support.

  • Eco Friendly.

  • All this and more!


What our customers say

Read comments from a few of our happy and excited customers. These are true and
real customers who have been using our service for more than a year.

5.0 / 5.0

A Talking Vcard Testimonial

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions.

No. What you see is what you get. You sign up and pay $99 for your first year and then just $20 annually for hosting beginning your second year. There are additional service that you can purchase from us but they are not offered as upsells in order acquire a Talking Vcard.

Yes. Tutorials are available inside your account once you purchase. To be honest, our builder tool uses a step-by-step process making easy for anyone to use and each section has a video tool tip, if you need help.

There are no limitations on using or sharing your card. You have 24 hour access to make unlimited changes whenever you want.

After you purchase Talking Vcard and become a client you will receive your welcome email. In the welcome email we provide a link to the NFC page. If you no longer have your welcome email then simply put in a support ticket, click here, (opens in a new window)or call us, see the numbers below. We'll get you the information you need right away.

30 minute free consultations can be arranged by clicking here (opens in a new window). You set the agenda for the meeting. We can discuss designs for your Talking Vcard, business assesment and branding needs to coincide with your Talking Vcard design. If you have a team we can discuss how our consierge program and/or our SaaS program is right for you. We're sure to have a solution. Just ask.

We offer a 7 day refund policy. Just let us know you want a refund and we will take care of it within 24 hours.

Yes. If you have questions not covered here you can check our extensive FAQ page, see the link below. In addition, you can chat with one of our AI Support Agents in the corner of this page. If all else fails, simply contact us. You'll find contact options below.