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About The Offer

Don't miss this TIME LIMITED offer. We are preparing for the launch of the 2nd Generation Talking Vcard on October 19, 2021. Buy now, be upgraded and avoid additional costs, plus enjoy special bonuses.

Digital Business Card

It's a mini-website for mobile devices. Business cards have changed, we help you keep up with cutting edge technology.

Smart Solution

No more tossed and lost business cards. Clients easily save your info to their mobile phones.

QR Codes at work

No hand-to-hand sharing. People simply scan your QR Code with their phone and your digital Vcard appears.

Advance Technology

You share as much or as little info as you want in your Vcard. From your Vcard people can connect with you via phone, text, two way interactive video and more.

Cloud Hosting

Our Talking Business Card is hosted on our blazing fast cloud servers with unlimited customer impressions and you don't have to worry about running out of cards.

Free Bonuses

When you buy today you'll be grandfathered to receive several bonuses we are working on that fit perfectly with the Talking Vcard. See their descriptions below.

The Whole Package

Talking Vcard

Better that a paper business card. Think of your digital business card as a mini website, like a landing page but less complicated. No need to order or print hundreds of business cards that get tossed and lost. Via your own back office portal you make changes as often as you want, making your Talking Vcard always current.

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Bonus 1

VmailBLAE: VmailBLAZE makes it easy for website visitors to send audio/video email messages to you right from your website and/or your Talking Vcard without having to download or install any software. This regularly sells for $444 annually when subscribed monthly at $37. Today it's yours FREE with your Talking Vcard purchase.

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Bonus 2

KwikiChat: KwikiChat is live chat for your Talking Vcard. It makes it easy for anyone viewing your Vcard to connect with you. They can simply send you a text message. The person viewing your Vcard can also choose to call you through the KwikiChat app or they can select a 2-way interactive video chat with you and so much more.

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Bonus 3

VAPPSY: VAPPSY makes it easy for satisfied customers to record glowing video testimonials and recommendations about you. They simply record their testimonial through VAPPSY's app and click a button to upload it to your account. You review it and if you are satisfied with it then you click a button and it goes live on your Talking Vcard.

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What You Get For Your Money

You get the 1st generation Talking Vcard today (regularly $97 annually). You get access to the 2nd generation when it's released on October 19 (now in final development). It will sell for $127 annually on launch day but not for you if you grab today`s deal. You also get immediate access to VmailBLAZE (bonus 1). You get access to KwikiChat and VAPPSY (bonuses 2 and 3) when they are released soon after 2nd Generation launches. The Talking Vcard will continue to evolve LONG after you purchase it and you will be grandfathered to receive all the upgrades as they happen. It`s not a matter of IF you will get a virtual business card, it`s a matter of WHEN you will get one. Beat your competition and stay ahead of the curve.

Lifetime Plan


Pay once. Own it for life.

  • Both - 1st and 2nd Generation Vcards.
  • Lifetime Changes Included.
  • Bonuses included.
  • Please Note: limited time offer, expires prior to launch.
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