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Digital Business Cards are fast replacing paper cards. How we differ from other digital card providers is that our service expands beyond digital cards. Our service provides flexibility so the digital card becomes anything the customer needs, including but not limited to, a digital business card, mini website, resume, lead capture page, landing page and more. We show customers how Talking Vcard can help with their next sale. Authorized Agents can earn a full time income with our Client Community Plan when they promote Talking Vcard.

Authorized Agents can earn a full time recurring income in multiple ways but they need a referral partner to get started. You're referral partner is Choices Network.

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talking vcard agency explained.

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Your Cost

The Authorized Agent License is a $1,000 onetime cost. Agents earn 50% on direct sales. Agents also earn substantical commissions on community sales as explained in the video on this page. This is not MLM, nor is it a matrix. Community earning allows customers to earn for direct sales (only) whereas the agent earns from ALL community sales.

SaaS Model

In addition to selling Talking Vcards to end users, we have an executive program called SaaS (software as a service) that agents can promote and earn additional revenue. This part of the agency license requires additional webinar attendance to gain an understanding about promotional requirements.

Don't Miss Out

We provide you with a Legacy sales website as well as an agent invite page, like this one, if you wish to invite other agents. You earn $300 for agent referrals. You earn on EVERY sale in your community. We also provide you with a back office admin area. Webinar training is provided and replays are available.


You will have to submit an inquiry to begin the process. If you've already talked to a referring agent then coordinate with them for step 2, otherwise use the contact form below to inform us about your interest.


Following your initial inquiry a meeting will be setup for you to meet with our partners, Rodney Brace and John Pitlick. This is necessary to determine if the opportunity is a good fit for all parties.


If you make it through to Step 3, congratulations. Next you will be given a contract to sign and return as well as given a link where you will pay the $1,000 agent fee. Following payment we will get you setup within 24 hours.

A Very Unique Opportunity

Be Part of a FAST Growing Industry With Recurring Income.

Be sure to mention Choices Network in your message as your referral agent.

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