More Than a Business Card...

How were we convinced that a piece of paper is the best way to present our businesses? This 15th century old practice is DEAD! Get yourself an interactive business card that lets you share any links, social media accounts, videos and so much more. A card that you can edit anytime and it never runs out and never gets old.

Multlingual Digital Business Cards

Do you speak more than one language?

Why not create a digital business card for each language you speak, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST!

When you subscribe we load your account with the ability to create up to 25 digital business cards. Need more? Just ask. Each Vcard in your account is for your own personal/business use and cannot be used by others and cannot be sold.

Once you create your account, if you don't see your language of choice then simply contact us and we will add it.

Multilingual Digital Business Cards - the Talking Vcard
Digital Business Card First Impression.

Elegant & Perfect For That First Impression

YOU create and control the complete building process. There's no waiting in queue for someone to create a draft and send it to you and then for you to provide feedback and then wait for another draft. The minute you sign up you begin creating your Vcard. You can stop when you want and come back to finish it. You make all the changes you want until you get it RIGHT, as often as you want, whenever you want. If you don't have the time to create your Vcard or simply want one of our expert designers to do the work for you then they can. For a fee our team can work with you to get it right. You will provide information via a form and our team will get it done for you. You can discuss that after the purchase.

Share and Stay Connected

Never again do you have to give people all of your social media links or website address. Now you simply give them your virtual business card, the Talking Vcard. All of your social media links are in one place.

This is NOT your typical "tossed and lost" business card. This is a cutting edge solution, keeping you in front of clients and potential clients.

Cutting Edge Digital Business Cards - the Talking Vcard

Cutting Edge Technology

The Talking Vcard is fast replacing the traditional paper business card. Here are some of the KEY reasons why and how you can benefit and save a LOT of money in wasted paper business cards.

Staying Connected

First and foremost the Talking Vcard makes it easy for clients to stay connected to you in multiple ways.

Keeping Everything Current

We get it! Life changes and we have to adapt. Sometimes this means traditional paper business cards end up in the trash. Not the case with the Talking Vcard. Something changes with business and you change your Vcard, on the fly.

Color Outside the Lines

Got favorite colors? Brand colors? No problem. Easily match every aspect of your Vcard to your own Brand colors.

Features of a Talking Vcard - the new digital business card

Services and Gallery

Don't be shy! Tell people all about your services and add photos to the gallery to showcase any aspect of your business and link images to your website/shopping cart.

Add a Personal Greeting

Step up your game and record your personal greeting (optional), right inside your Talking Vcard account and embed it inside your Vcard. Now this is why we call it a Talking Vcard.

Share Your Talking Vcard

Social media icons and the QR Code make it easy for you and others to share your Vcard with others.

How it's done. Play And Watch!
It's easy. Anyone can do it.
Talking Vcard digital business card

All of your links in One Place

Immediately capture your clients' attention and then make it easy peasy for them to learn more about you and your services and how they can connect with you.

  • Add a top banner, optional but definitely adds PIZZAZZ!
  • Add your picture or logo that automatically gets shaped to fit the circle.
  • Add your name so they know who you are.
  • Add your phone number, like I did, or any other suitable text.
  • Add all your social media account links with simple clicks.
  • Add additional links to websites, products or services.
  • Add the Calendar so clients can set appointments with you.
  • Make it easy for clients to save your contact information to their phone's contact list.

Many of these features are optional and can be added and removed with simple clicks. You are in full control.

About you

Tell people about you. In this section you can write as little or as much as you want so don't be shy, it's your time to shine.

You only get one chance to make a first impression so WOW potential customers with your skills and accomplishments.

As your skills grow and life changes or if you simply want to brag a little then come back and update your information at any time.

Talking Vcard digital business card
Talking Vcard digital business card

A Greeting/Welcome Video

The problem with paper business cards is they're paper business cards. You can't do much about it.

Now imagine recording and adding a greeting or welcome message right to your Talking Vcard. You can't do that with paper.

Your greeting video is positioned near the top of your Talking Vcard where it will make the most impact.

Video Library

Create a video library and fill it with videos from your Youtube or Vimeo accounts.

Got videos showcasing your products or services? Are you a Realtor with videos showing virtual tours of your listings? Add them to your Talking Vcard.

The Video Library is positioned further down on your Talking Vcard, away from your greeting video.

Talking Vcard digital business card
Talking Vcard digital business card


Whether your business focuses on one service or multiple services you can easily list them here.

Give each service a heading and detailed description.

You can always edit them at any time you want because you have 24-7 access to the online editor to customize your Talking Vcard anytime you want.


The Gallery is a very powerful feature that can serve you in many ways. If you are Realtor, for example, you can name your Gallery as "Listings" and then simply add images of current listings. You can hyperlink the images so clients can be taken directly to the listing's page when clicked.

If you sell products then name your Gallery "Products" and upload images of your products and hyplerlink the images to your checkout or sales page.

You can update your Gallery as often as you want and whenever you want.

Talking Vcard digital business card
Talking Vcard digital business card


People love hearing what others have to say and some people love writing what others love to hear!

Take advantage of this and add glowing testimonials to your Talking Vcard.

There's no limit on how many you can add but only add the best of the best.

You can easily edit, add and remove testimonials whenever you want.

When you add more than one they scroll from right to left in 5 second intervals, and can be scrolled manually.

Contact Form

Make it easy for potential clients to send you email by adding a simple and practical contact form.

Any emails sent from your Talking Vcard are sent directly to the inbox for the email address you assign to receive inquiries.

The Contact Form is optional, as are most of the Talking Vcard features, and you can enable and disable it with just a click.

Talking Vcard digital business card
Talking Vcard digital business card

Sharing Your Talking Vcard Made Simple

Share your Talking Vcard quickly and easily through SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, or Messenger with any of your contacts.

The QR Code can be scanned by other mobile phones and it can be downloaded and used in offline print.

Anyone viewing your Talking Vcard can also share it with their contacts via any of the links at the bottom of your Talking Vcard.


Through your Talking Vcard potential clients can book time with you.

You can add your availability through the online editor. Your clients and customers simply select and lock in available times.

Our system will automatically update your availability when someone books an appointment with you.

The Calendar integrates with Google and Outlook Calendars to avoid overlapping appointments. Other integrations coming soon.

Talking Vcard digital business card
Calendly integration


We realize that some customers use specific calendars for booking appointments and don't really want to switch or to use multiple calendars.

In addition to our own calendar we also integrate with Calendly, a 3rd parter, free and paid service for booking appointments. You simply enter your Calendly username and your calendar appears in your Vcard. It's that simple. We will be adding other options so be sure to let us know if you use something that we can integrate with.

Multilingual Option

If you speak another language, or more than one language, then you can create Vcards for each langauge at no additional cost.

We give you multiple cards to use for your own personal/business use so you can create cards in multi languages without having to pay more.

Simply create a new card and set the default language for that card from the language selector.

Multilingual support
Tracking Statistics

Tracking - Statistics and Video

See EXACTLY what each visitor does instantly when they visit your Talking Vcard.

It's kind of like looking over their shoulder as your visitors move around your digital business card. We measure click tracking, eye tracking and scroll tracking.

You can decide whether to use or not use video recording to monitor your Vcard traffic.

Talking Vcard Tracking provides accurate visitor heat maps, user-behavior and conversion optimization for better user-experience, engagement and sales.

Oh, and as an additional bonus, you can add tracking to any website you own.

Audio And Video Email

Video is HOT! Statistics prove that people will engage more via video than simply sending an email.

With a simple click of a button, VMailBLAZE makes it easy for your Talking Vcard visitors to send you audio or video messages. There's nothing to download and nothing to install. Simply create your widget and add the identifying code to your Talking Vcard.

Multilingual support
QR Codes for your Digital Business Card - the Talking Vcard

QR Code

A unique QR Code is automatically generated for your Talking Vcard when you create your account.

Share your Talking Vcard by allowing contacts to scan your QR Code with their mobile phones.

Your QR Code can be downloaded, printed and added almost anywhere so people have access to your Talking Vcard at any time.

Stay Branded - Match your colors

Easily customize the color scheme of your Talking Vcard with the color palette.

Several options are ready to choose from with one click. We paired colors that go well and that are popular amongst customers.

You can easily choose your own colors and even modify ready-made-options that are available.

You can change colors for buttons, font headlines, body text, button text, and different background areas. You are in full control.

Branding your Talking Vcard - the new digital business card
Search Engine Optiminzaion - the Talking Vcard

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines view sub domains as real websites and list them as websites and not pages. That's why we give you a sub domain for your Talking Vcard, it's your website.

If you use Google Analytics then you're gonna love the fact you can add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to your Talking Vcard. You'll know how many views your Talking Vcard is getting and where they are coming from.

If you use Facebook Pixels then you simply add your Facebook Pixel ID to your Talking Vcard. This will allow you to track conversions from Facebook ads and build targeted audiences for future ads. You can also remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your Talking Vcard.

SEO would not be complete without giving you the ability to add a title to your Talking Vcard and a description section to add keywords and phrases, after all, it's your website so it's natural that you be able to do this.

See Your Card in Real Time

We believe the Talking Vcard is simple to build, so simple you can watch it in real time.

As you configure each section from the left side menu you are able to see the changes in real time in the preview window.

The preview window shows you exactly how your Talking Vcard will appear on mobile devices. You can easily switch to DISPLAY mode which will show you how your Talking Vcard will appear on tablets and PC, as a web page.

You are in full control over the creation of your Talking Vcard. You can make as many changes as often as you want.

Branding your Talking Vcard - the new digital business card

Check Out These BONUSES!

Digital Business Card Tracking.

BONUS 1: Tracking Visitors via Video Recording

With our NEW tracking system you are able to see exactly what visitors to your Talking Vcard are doing. Each visit gets recorded and you can review these recordings from inside your admin account. You will also know where in the world viewers reside.

Knowing what action visitors on your Vcard are taking can provide valuable insight into what visitors are interested in when they are viewing your digital business card. You can't get that from a paper business card.

You are not be limited to adding tracking to your Talking Vcard. As an additional bonus you can add tracking to any website you own. This service sells for $97 but you'll get it absolutely FREE with your purchase of the Talking Vcard.

BONUS 2: Receive Mobile Audio Alerts

With paper business cards you never know when somoene is looking at yours, and most get tossed anyway. With the Talking Vcard you can be alerted EVERY time someone views your digital business card.

You will be able to assign preloaded audio alerts or you will be able to upload your very own sound alerts.

The audio alert system is currently in development and you will get access immediately upon its release. This will retail for $97 annually but you will get it for FREE.

Cutting Edge Digital Business Cards - the Talking Vcard
Digital Business Card Video Email.

BONUS 3: Audio/Video Email

You have the option to add audio and video email to your Talking Vcard that will make it easy for visitors to send you audio and/or video email. You can also reply to these inquiries using audio and/or video email.

This service is powered by VmailBLAZE (one of our other products) and retails annually for $444 but you get it today absolutely FREE.

You are not limited to adding VmailBLAZE to your Talking Vcard, you can also add it to any website you own.

Video is HOT and you'll be surprised at how many people will use it to send you messages.

Clients Will Never Lose Your Card Again

No more ordering paper cards and waiting for them to arrive, and most end up toss and lost anyway. The NEW virtual Talking Vcard fits every device and clients simply save your Vcard to their device.

Digital business card for moible phones - the Talking Vcard


The Talking Vcard is designed specifically for, and optimized for, all mobile phones whether you view vertically or horizontally.

Digital business cards for iPads and tablets - the Talking Vcard


If you prefer to view content from your tablet or iPad the Talking Vcard is guaranteed to adjust so it fits the screen.

Digital business cards for MAC, PC and laptop - the Talking Vcard


For folks who prefer to view content on their MAC, PC or laptop the Talking Vcard automatically adjusts to fit the screen accordingly.

Digital Virtual Business Cards for ALL Professions - the Talking Vcard

Real Customers - Real Results

There's nothing like seeing your name in lights. The best we can do here is to show you real customers who are achieving real results with their Talking Vcards. Many of our customers were 1st Generation users and have migrated to our 2nd Generation platform.

Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard Customer
Talking Vcard for Mobile Devices - the all new digital business card

How To Get Your Own Talking Vcard

It only takes a few minutes to create your Talking Vcard

Sign up for a Talking Vcard account

Sign Up For a New Account

Create your own digital business card using the Talking Vcard

Use The Simple Online Editor

Share your digital business card, the Talking Vcard, with the world

Share Your Vcard With The World

Talking Vcard - the new digital business card
Talking Vcard - the new digital business card
Talking Vcard - the new digital business card
Talking Vcard - the new digital business card
Talking Vcard - the new digital business card
Talking Vcard - the new digital business card

Try Before You Buy

We believe so much that you will LOVE the Talking Vcard that we will let you try it for 7 days before you pay. However, today's special promo is for the first 10 people who buys will only pay onetime for a lifetime license. We will cancel the annual subscription for the first 10 people who pays.

Talking Vcard vs Digital Business Card

talking Vcard

more than a business card


  • Lifetime license for the first 10 people who buy from Authorized Agent CONSULT-USA.
  • No waiting. You build it.
  • Unlimited changes.
  • No website required.
  • Unique Link (URL).
  • Built-in video recorder.
  • Email/phone support.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • All this and more!
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